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The terms and conditions apply to all services from Lægelinien ApS. They cover all instances where no other written agreement between the patient and Lægelinien ApS exists.

1. Documentation

Services are described on In case you receive additional information this is to be considered as guidance only.

2. Delivery of services

Delivery of telephone consultation is considered as effectuated when the doctor and the patient have commenced the conversation.. Delivery of house calls is considered as effectuated when the doctor has arrived at location requested by the patient.

3. Cookies are using cookies for optimization of the web site and its functionality, in order to make your visit as easy as possible. Cookies can always be deleted from your computer.

4. Log statistics

We are using log statistics on This is an automated gathering of information, in order to give a statistical impression of number of visitors, where they come from, where they leave the site etc. The purpose of the log statistic is optimization of the

5. Price and VAT

At Lægelinien ApS you can pay using Dankort, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, JCB and American Express.
Services regarding treatment of patients are excluded from VAT (Danish MOMS).

6. Cancellation

Can be done. Telephone consultations and house calls are handled shortly after the order has been given. Our cancellation policy is set accordingly:
Cancellation of telephone consultation is possible until delivery, i.e. until the conversation has begun. If you wish to cancel please tell the doctor immediately, when he answers. For house calls cancellation is possible until the doctor has left for the visit. If cancellation is recieved after the the doctor has left you will be charged for the time used for transportation. If you wish to cancel an ordered house call, use the telephone number, you have been given, when the house call was arranged.



7. Privacy policy

In order to deliver our services the following information is needed:
Email address
These data are registered at Lægelinien ApS and kept for 5 years, after which they are deleted.
As far as the services delivered concerns treatment, Danish law demand that records are kept for 10 years. Furthermore, if the patient holds a Danish cpr-number, this should be kept with the records for reasons of documentation.

Acceptance of these terms implies your consent of the registration of the information mentioned, including the cpr-number.
Access to medical records at Lægelinien ApS are restricted to employees at Lægelinien.
Information given to Lægelinien ApS is not passed on to third parties. It is common practice that ta patients GP is informed, if the patient is treated by another doctor. In case you are registered with another Danish doctor Lægelinien ApS will inform your GP regarding your consultation. We fully respect if you prefer we do not follow this practice. Please inform us during the consultation.
As registered with Lægelinien ApS you have the right to oppose the registration at any time. Furthermore you have the right for insight on whatever is registered about you. These rights are in accordance with the Danish law on registration of personal data (Persondataloven). Inquiries on these matters can always be made to Lægelinien ApS at

Responsible for personal data at Lægelinien ApS is the CEO.
General information about customers are not kept encrypted. Medical records and cpr-numbers are kept encrypted.

Lægelinien ApS - Telephone: +45 32 22 22 32
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