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Get help immediately with diagnosis and treatment for cystitis.
Call our competent doctors now to consult directly by phone.
House call can be had too, see below.
The fee is 130-175 DKK (375-475 DKK for non-residents ) including prescription of treatment.
Read more below or contact us now





Burning pain and frequent urination are common symptoms of bladder infection. Pressure above the pubic bone or in the lumbar region, pink or cloudy urine and a slight fever are also seen.


Self care

Sometimes large amounts of fluid can help, but symptoms often recur.
Otherwise prescription of penicillin or other antibiotics is needed.
Contact Lægelinien for treatment now.


What to look out for

High fever, pain in the flank part of the back or more pronounced malaise are signs of more serious infection.
In this case contact a doctor immediately.
Repeated or frequent bladder infections and infections in children should also be examined.
If the patient is seriously ill the emergency number in Denmark is 112.


House call

Can be had in the greater Copenhagen Capitol area. Click HERE




What other names are used for cystitis?

English: bladder infection, urinary tract infection
Deutch: Zystitis, Blasenkatarrh
Francais: cystite, blennorragie
Espaniol: cistitis
Italiano: cistitis
Chinese: 膀胱炎 Pángguāng yán
русский язык: Цистит
Hindi: मूत्राशयशोध
Português: cistite
Svenska: Blåskatarr
Norsk: Blærekatarr, Blærebetennelse
Suomen: virtsarakon tulehdus, rakkotulehdus, kystiitin
Polski: zapalenie pęcherza
Hungaryan: hólyaggyulladás, hólyaghurut

Lægelinien ApS - Telephone: +45 32 22 22 32
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