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What is Laegelinien offering?

Easy and convenient access to a competent MD at all hours.
Medical help provided as telephone consultation or house call.
Use if ill, in need of a prescription or for any questions on health issues.
You always get an answer by a doctor - when it´s a doctor you want to talk to.
You can even avoid waiting in line: Let the doctor call you when thats more convenient.
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Laegelinien serves as your private doctor in Copenhagen.


Who are we?

My name is Morten With Feldman, I am the founder of Laegelinien.
I have 24 years of experience as an MD. For 17 years I worked in Laegevagten, the organization formerly performing primary health care outside standard office hours in the Copenhagen Region. Consultations with more than 100.000 patients in Laegevagten taught me a lot.
To listen carefully and answer clearly was just a part. The main point, for the doctor as well as for the patient, was the value of understanding and of being understood.

Our network are all respected and experienced GP´s characterized by their thoroughness, professionalism and not least great personal qualities.



When to contact Laegelinien?

Contact Laegelinien when you need to consult quickly with a doctor on matters of concern.
We deal with acute and chronic disease, as well as health issues in general.
When acutely ill, Laegelinien will help you with:
  • Assessment and advice on conditions that has just set in
  • Diagnosis and treatment when possible
  • Referral* when necessary

Chronic diseases are normally managed best by your primary doctor. If he or she is not available Laegelinien will assist:
  • Assessment and advice, especially in case of acute worsening of existing conditions
  • Questions about medication and prescriptions
  • Evaluation of medical records: If you have felt the need for additional information during the course of your treatment Laegelinien can help. We will do a review of your disease, based on the medical records and your story, and we will answer your questions about the disease, treatment and medication.
For your safety, we do not prescribe addictive or psychotropic drugs based on telephone consultation alone. Penicillin and antibiotics are prescribed are when they are clearly indicated.
*When necessary we refer to acute admission.


How is Laegelinien helping?

The telephone consultation starts with you telling us the reason for calling, and we asking clarifying questions.
The doctor normally asks:
  • When and how did the symptoms start?
  • How have they developed, and what is the condition now?
  • Do you take medicine?
  • Other matters that needs to be taken into account, e.g. chronic disease or pregnancy
The doctor evaluate your symptoms:
  • What is the matter?
  • Is further examination needed, and when?
  • Is medical treatment necessary, and which?
We provide a plan, e.g.:
  • What to be aware of, and what to do yourself.
  • Medication if needed, either over the counter or by prescription sent to your local pharmacy.
  • Examination at hospital, or later, at your usual doctor.
If your case can´t be treated securely through telephone consultation we will help you proceed:
  • If needed you will be referred to hospital for admission.
  • If examination elsewhere is indicated, we will advice you, on what to tell there.
  • If your condition demands follow up later, your usual GP is normally preferable.
  • Do you need a subacute consultation we can refer you to one of our partners. They will call you for scheduling. Payment directly to their clinic, normally 350-500 DKK.


What can you expect from Laegelinien?

  • Clarification and treatment of medical conditions that can be handled responsible in this setting. Telephone consultation is not suitable for every ailment.
  • Competent advice and treatment. All doctors working in Laegelinien are very experienced with telephone consulting.
  • To be taken seriously: If you feel a need, you have a need.
  • A doctor who actually listen to what you are saying
  • That we keep agreements.


What are Laegelinien expecting from you?

Sincerity; that you enlighten the situation in the best possible way.
That you are aware that not all ailments can be handled telephonically:
  • Laegelinien treats diseases suitable for clarification by a shorter conversation.
  • Conversations lasting more than 8-10 minutes are often indicative of more complex problems
  • Samtaler over 8-10 minutters varighed betyder ofte, at der er tale om mere komplicerede problemer.
  • hat kind of matters frequently demand examination, typically by your usual GP
A bit of preparation:
  • That you have measured the temperature if fever is suspected.
  • That you know name and dosage of medicine that might have been used. Have it at hand.

Lægelinien ApS - Telephone: +45 32 22 22 32
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