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Enjoy the comfort of Laegelinien even more with a subscription.
Experience the security for you and your family of having easy access to a doctor 24/7.
Avoid the hassle of getting an appointment, transportation and waiting at the doctors.
The competent doctors at Laegelinien handles most matters by telephone.
Avoid paying each time you benefit from our services, and order house calls on benificial terms.
Customize the subscription to the size of your household, click the button.
See prizes of subscription or read more about how we can help you

Is Laegelinien relevant for you?

  • Do you want to keep healthy?
  • Do you have no time for being ill?
  • Do you want help quickly when your children are sick?
  • Have you experienced difficulties getting a doctor when you needed one?

A subscription ensures that you:

  • Get easy and quick access to the doctor 24/7
  • Avoid unnecessary worrying when ill or experiencing symptoms
  • Avoid wasting time arranging a visit and on transportation
  • Avoid taking time off from work
  • Talk to a doctor specially skilled in telephone consultations
  • Get necessary treatment and proper advice

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Lægelinien ApS - Telephone: +45 32 22 22 32
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