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Here is information about

  • How to get Covid vaccinations or boosters in Denmark.
  • What to do if vaccinated with a vaccine not approved in Denmark.
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Please read the following first, many questions will be answered here. For further questions or assistance, you may then book a telephone consultation using the KONTAKT OS - form. 

Get vaccinated or have boosters in Denmark

People temporarily residing in Denmark, are entitled to receive free vaccination against COVID-19. Whether this is relevant for you depends on the type of vaccines you have taken before.
If you received 2 EMA-approved vaccines:
- You can get a booster. See FAQ below for details about when, where and how to get it.
If you received non-EMA approved vaccines or a combination of EMA-approved and non-approved EMA vaccines:
- An individual assesment is needed. Often a booster will be recommended. See FAQ or book telephone consultation using the Kontakt form on this page. NOTE Write DIS for compagny/organisation.


When should I get a booster?
- Boosters are recommended 140 days (4½ months) or more after having finished the initial vaccinations. 

How to get vaccination or booster?
If you have been prescribed vaccination by our doctor (see above) or otherwise know that you need vaccination you can go to any of the vaccination centers. Appointment is not needed.
PLEASE NOTE that all centers might not have all types of vaccine available.
I am vaccinated with J&J or Astra, which booster should I get? 
- Normally Pfizer or Moderna will be offered. If you were primarily vaccinated with either of these a booster of the same brand will be offered.

I had Covid, should i take a booster?
Yes, boosters (or primary vaccination, if you weren't vaccinated at all) are recommended at least 1 month after covid.

Which vaccines are approved by EMA and can be validated in Denmark?
- Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, J&J  and Novavax.





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