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Get a certificate for Corona

In case you need a certificate on Corona status we help.
Often proof that you dont have Covid 19 is needed when travelling abroad. If you for this or other reasons need a certificate we will refer you for the test, guide you to the correct test site and draw up the certificate based on the lab result. You can order HERE

Please note that although public Corona testing is free in Denmark,certificates are NOT issued in the public system making this solution useless when a certicate is needed.



To get both the test AND the medical certificate book online or call.



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Antibody test for Corona

If you want to know if you already have had Covid19 we help too. This is useful if you had symptoms or if you suspect you were exposed but did not develop symptoms. For more information call us at +4532222232 or email to 

Q   What does the test show?
 A   Corona antigens, i.e. if you currently have the virus

Q   How is the test done?
A    A simple throat swab.

Q   Why do I need a doctor’s referral?
A   To get a certificate after the test. 

Q   Where can I get tested?
A    All over Denmark. We will guide you.

Q   How long does it take?
A   Normally the result is in within 24-48 hours.

Q   Is the result reliable?
A   Yes very. Skilled staff do the swab and analysis is done at state of the art labs. As with all tests, false results occur but with this set up they are very rare.

Q   What is the cost?
A    Dkk 750 all included.

Q   How do I get the certificate?
A   Certificates can be emailed, or a picked up in Copenhagen (metro stop nearby).

Q   Can children below the age of 12 be tested?
A   Yes, after referral.

Q   Can I be tested if I have symptoms?
A   Yes. Our doctor evaluate the situation to secure you get the proper attention.


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Corona test and certificate
Price: DKK 750,00
Lægelinien ApS - Telephone: +45 32 22 22 32
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